Clearwater Inn


Clearwater Inn is starting to get quite the reputation as an interesting hub of activity. It has seen ownership change a multitude of times and the most recent owner found dead in his own bed! Nonetheless, the inn has prospered as the first and currently only Inn in the city it is a place many adventurers stay while passing through the stolen lands or while finding work.

It is currently owned by Beven Armaki.


  • Breakfast Meal (Milk, Water, Bread, Egg, Sausage) – 4 cp
  • Lunch Meal (Stew, Ale, Bread) – 6 cp
  • Supper Meal (Poultry/Fish/Pork/Beef Meal with choice of drink) – 3 sp
  • Trail Rations 1/day – 6 sp
  • Inn Stay – 7 sp/night
  • Inn Suite – 8 gp/night
  • Cold Bath(used water) – 4 cp
  • Warm Bath – 4 sp
  • Laundry – 2 sp

Clearwater Inn

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