The Green Dragon Inn


Ran by Ulora and her husband Landin. Ulora is a half Orc and Landin is a half elf.

This inn was sent here by the Locke family. They thought would be a good fit for Attin due to the uniqueness of the married pair running it. They are happily married and glad to be in a state that shows racial diversity.

The house bard is the Half-Orc Gerhart Jacoby. Gerhart had spent much of his time in Clearwater, but after failing to win the election as councilor decided to head East and has settled in nicely at the Green Dragon. He brings in other musicians and performers to ensure the Green Dragon is always a hot spot for the social elite of Attin and performs himself twice a week, usually telling tall tales and stories, but sometimes playing his lute.

Menu and Rooms

  • Acorn Bread and Curd Cheese, Mug of Perry – 4 cp
  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Stout – 5 cp
  • Oat Porridge, Mug of Perry – 3 cp
  • Roasted Duck and Sharp Cheese, Tankard of Stout – 8 cp
  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Bitter – 3 cp
  • Inn Stay – 4 sp/night
  • Inn Suite – 5 gp/night
  • Cold Bath(used water) – 2 cp
  • Warm Bath – 2 sp
  • Laundry – 1 sp

The Green Dragon Inn

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