Turin Numerak


Turin is a half elf of young years (26 years). He takes to his elven heredity strongly and has many of the markings of his fey cousins, excepting he is bulkier and hardier than those of true elvish stock. He stands at just over 6 feet tall and has a well muscled physique that does not hamper his gracefulness. He is comfortable in both clothing of quality and in his breastplate, and is commonly seen about the battle field with his favoured weapon the flail. He is stoic but friendly, and is quick with a quip or open in conversation if the topic suits him.


Turin hales from the elven homeland of Kyonin. He was raised amongst its hallowed boles and restful glades, learning early in life how to protect this place of joy. He took to the life of a warrior early and was part of the homeland defense force at a young age. He was no more than part of the peasant levy, but he enjoyed the comraderie of the other soldiers around him. Not only that he excelled at it, not just the weapons drill, but the understanding of how to control a battlefield and all the tactics and strategies surrounding battles. So when he came of age he enlisted full time in the army of Kyonin. He would be in his elven homeland still excepting he follows the Lord of Strategies not the elven gods of art and beauty. So taken is he with strategy and tactics he felt out of place with his cousins and comrades who being full elves are prone to flights of fancy and diversions. He felt more at home with those Red Knight priests that pass through the lands to Lastwall and on to Mendev for the crusades.

So with heavy heart he left Kyonin to find his rightful spot in the world. While travelling the River Kingdoms and lending his aid to this war leader and that, he heard of a newly formed land in the greenbelt. Not only was it a new start, but the tenets of the Red Knight had a hand in its formation. This is all he needed, and he set off to make his fortune in Clearwater.

Turin Numerak

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