Riggs Gargadilly

Quickling Fey


Appearing as slender and lithe small elves with sharp features and a feral glint, the quickling darts and bobs, hardly standing still long enough for others to get a good look at them. On average, a quickling grows to about 3 feet tall and weighs about 25 pounds. Their skin ranges from pale blue to blue-white and their hair is usually silvery or a snowy-white. Long pointed ears rise above the tops of their heads. Their eyes are usually cold and cruel, glinting with a yellow light.

Finely dressed, they garb themselves in brightly colored clothes, often with silver and black trim as accents. They scorn armor, as it slows them down.


Riggs was first encountered in the Old Elven Ruins within the Narlmarches. He escaped the group and was last seen running into the forest.

Riggs Gargadilly

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