Conflicted Werewolf barbarian


Kundal is a mountain of a man, standing 6’8" and weighing in around 325 lbs. He is solid muscle and covered in Numerian tribal tattoos. He has wild and out of control hair that is always unkept, save for a strand that is braided. He is 23 y/o human (Afflicted werewolf).


Kundal was a Numerian Barbarian and part of a large tribe. He deserted his tribe after seeing his kin murder and slaughter innocent women and children during a raid. His travels took him south, he had a run in with what he thought to be a wolf on that journey. The wolf was in fact a shapechanged lycanthrope and his bite infected Kundal. Roughly a month later Kundal found himself in Clearwater, with a full moon upon him. At this point Kundal was experiencing many of the side effects of lycanthropy, he was having nightmarish and bloody dreams and issues sleeping.

He attempted to dull the pain by drinking and spending his days in nature, away from people and chatter (Which gave him headaches).

Unknowingly to himself, he had been turning during the evening and murdering innocents, upon the realization that he had become a werewolf and committed murder, Kundal submitted to Clearwater officials and now sits in a cell.

He spends time with Vesper Moonshadow, as she councils him on what he has become and speaks to him of it, and also of Selune.


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