Gunnar Lowell


Wavy brown hair covers many scars upon the face and neck of the sincere sturdy looking fellow. Never seen with a smile on his face unless in the company of his wife Vesela Lowell (formerly Moonshadow). Usually seen walking about town with his Earth Breaker, or trying to find a spot to mold some clay.


With a rough child hood Gunnar decided to try out for the army as soon as he could. He knew that it would be a steady pay check. Once he graduated his class he was given a posting detail in the north. While traveling North towards his posting he and his comrades were attacked by a bunch of wolves.

Vesela and her older sister Vesper Moonshadow had been tracking the pack in fear there was a evil lycanthrope hiding among them. They were right. The group of soldiers were all savagely attacked and for the most part ripped apart. When Gunnar awoke he was in the admits of the forest where he was being taken care of by Vesela. After being nursed to health and spending months with Vesela he became attached to her and chose to call the woods home.
Spending time in the woods, he soon began to hear the woods talk to him in ways only Vesper and Veselas parents could relate to. that is where he learnt his primal ways.

Gunnar Lowell

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