Aravae Kadelaryn

Counselor of Clearwater


A tall slender female elf with dazzling eyes and soft skin. She is 151 years old. She carries herself with the grace most come to expect from Elves.


Aravae left Kyonin over 50 years ago and travelled north. She eventually stopped in Restov and has used her grace, knowledge and skill to rise the political ladder. She was one of the top advisors to Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellimius. She was sent to aid in the founding of a new kingdom in the Stolen Lands. Believed a political move by Restov to fortify the lands to their south.

She has taken the position as Councilor and lives in Silverhall Keep. She has endeared herself to the populace and is the target of many men’s fantasies.

Aravae Kadelaryn

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