Thorushk's chest


* Coinage


* Gems / Expensive objects (1200gp)

Black opal (1200gp)
Wine 400gp
Silver Goblet and Platter 75gp
Sapphire Ring 500 gp
Ivory Statue of a Stag 135 gp
2 Aventurine Bracelets 120gp
Sardonix 55 gp
Carnelion 40 gp

* Mundane Items

Crossbow and 20 bolts
Journal from Tower

* Clothing

Royal clothes
Nobles clothes worth 200gp

* Magic Items

+1 Great Axe of Mighty Cleaving
Robe of bones (cursed)
+1 Spell Storing Q staff, currently has dispell magic in it
Crook of Cildhurreen ( 10 charges)
+1 Leather Armour
Bag of tricks grey

* Ingredients

Troll wang
Claws and feathers of owl bear

Thorushk's chest

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