Thornvale was founded on 1st Pharast 4714. It was settled by Loy Rezbin and his wife Latricia who sought to build a small community in the forest. Thornvale is a cozy village located in a large clearing deep in the Narlmarch woods, near a ford in the Thorn River. The beginnings of a road lead east and west from the village, but they do not go far before petering out at outlying homes and farms.

The village has attracted settlers from all around, primarily from Pitax, Mivon, and Rostland. A small wooden fort sits at the heart of the village, but the village has outgrown the defense this walled complex can provide. Construction of a larger stone wall around the village has been started but is not yet complete.


Status: Village
Base Value: 2,200 gp

Corruption: -1
Crime: -3
Economy: 0
Law: 0
Lore: 0
Society: 0

Qualities: Rural, Insular

Alignment: Neutral Good
Population: 186
Type: (172 human, 8 half-elf, 3 half-orc, 3 other)

Notable Sites
1 – Able’s Inn
2 – Gnori’s Gems
3 – Ironhand Smithy
4 – River Run Alehouse
5 – Thornvale Bridge
6 – Thornvale General Store
7 – Thornvale Library
8 – Thornvale Lodge
9 – Townhall
10 – Thorns and Spirits Tavern
11 – Thrillseekers


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