Party chest


Magic Items

Mundane Items
Small Coffer
2 doses Hemlock
12 pouches of Dreamtime Tea

Gems, Jewelry & Expensive Objects

Jade 80 gp
Lapis lazuli 6 gp
Lapis lazuli 8 gp
Peridot 40 gp
Smokey Quartz 50
Copper/Glass Decanter with dragons on it 10 gp
Copper Brazier with Bahamut on it 50 gp
Platinum Holy Symbol of Bahamut 300 gp
Silver Chalice with Dragons on it 150 gp
Small Pouch with Magic Dust

2 x Courtier’s Outfits
1 x Royal Outfits
Fine Cloth Gowns

1 pp gp 1sp 3cp

Communal Items
Wand Tashas hideous laughter 10 Charge
Wand colour spray (5 charges)
Wand Burning Hands (3 charges)
Wand Magic Missile CL 3 (22 charges)
Wand Cure Moderate Wounds (29 Charges)
Potion barkskin
Potion delay poison
Potion endure elements
Potion protection from arrows
Potion of Stabilize
Potion of Levitation
Magical Flower – 2 uses of Dust of Appearance
Jar or Oil of Purify Food and Water
Scroll of Summon Nature’s Ally 1
Scroll of Ant Haul
Scroll of Anti-Plant Shell
Scroll of Neutralize Poison
scroll of fireball (CL 7th)
pot silver Sheen
Vial anti toxin
2 X smoke sticks
2 X Thunderstones
Tanglefoot bag
2 X pot speak with animals
Jar of restorative ointment
Pot Cure Moderate X 4
Potion Cure Serious Wounds

Crafting Stuff
Large Turtle shell

4 troll eyes
40 troll claws
8 troll incisors
7 vials troll blood
1 troll hide

1 Dragons Eye
1 Dragon Incisor
8 Dragon Claws
Dragon scales (enough for either 1 light armour or 1 shield)
2 Waterskin and 4 vials dragons blood

8 Owlbear claws

Hodag Hide (enough for 1 med armour with natural spikes or other goods)
1 Hodag tail

Manticore Head
Manticore Feathers

Leucrotta LARGE tooth (could make a dagger or something similar size)
1 leucrotta vial of blood

Party chest

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