Galendil's Chest

Galendil Thalanir


Magical Stuff
+1 Leather Armour
+1 Longsword
Pearl of Power 1st level
+2 Hand axe
Ring of Protection +2

Ranger Scrolls:

Arcane Scrolls:

Non Magical Stuff:
Traveller’s Outfit
Rations for Shadow x10
Quartz studded leather collar
Superior Lock (used on chest)
Cold Weather Outfit
Lamp, Common
MW Studded Leather Armour
Traveler’s Outfit
200 arrows
184 arrows

CP: 481
SP: 511
GP: 4878
PP: 175

Sapphire Necklace 900gp
Sapphire Ring 600gp
Hematite 2gp
Shell 10gp
Milky Quartz 50gp
Rhodochrosite 10gp
Moonstone 400gp
Deep Blue Spinel 500 gp
Moonstone (unknown)
Moonstone (100gp)

Galendil's Chest

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