Calvin's Chest


Calvin’s LOOTZ from Staglord.
Masterwork studded leather (for sleeping in)
Red Garnet (77gp)
+1 Rapier (worth 2320gp) if you wanna sell it

Party division stuff

Note: The “Rich Parents” trait allows for 900 starting GP. I’ve discounted the 200 GP that I spent on Calvin’s starting gear…so this list should tally up to just under 700 GP.

1) Chest 2.00gp
2) Average Lock 40.00gp
3) Masterwork Bastard Sword 335.00gp
4) Suit of Banded Mail armour 250.00gp
5) Flint and Steel 1.00gp
6) Iron Pot 0.80gp
7) Winter Blanket 0.05gp
8) Whetstone 0.02gp
9) Sack 0.10gp
10) Warhammer 12.00gp
11) Stylized Pendant of Helm (silver holy symbol) 25.00gp

Total: 665.97gp

Calvin’s family ( House Mor) is going through an acute succession crisis as Calvin has numerous siblings (legitimate and otherwise…think the Frey house from Game of Thrones). Being a pious follower of Helm (and an adventurous sort), Calvin packed up some belongings, left a note to the family indicating his intent to withdraw from the family politics and leave the question of lordship of House Mor to his siblings. While out adventuring, Calvin’s family (especially his mother) has been truly thankful for one less contender to the lordship, and so his mother has put together a “care package” (of sorts) containing basic goods that an adventurer might require (note: what the family considers “basic” is pretty extraordinary…but hey, they’re wealthy…not smart). The chest was sent out to Calvin’s last known location with instructions to the porter to locate Calvin’s whereabouts. Enclosed is also a private letter to Calvin containg a key to the chest.

Calvin's Chest

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