Bellis was founded in the mid-47th century AR, when a few disenchanted citizens in Mivon became tired of the taxes and harsh justice and decided to seek out a new home.

The primary reason for Bellis’ founding was to establish a timber mill to trade with various River Kingdoms. The town has proven to be agriculturally rich as well; Bellis is known to produce high quality honey, beeswax, and mead.

Type: Town Council
Mayor – Brigrim Tell

Status: Large Town
Base Value: 3,300 gp Gp

Corruption: 0
Crime: 0
Economy: 0
Law: 0
Lore: 0
Society: 0

Productivity: 0

Fame: 1
Infamy: 0

Defense: 0


Alignment: Neutral Good
Population: 4800
Type: Human 79% 9% Halfling, 5% Elf, 3% Dwarf, 2% Gnome, 1%Half-elf, 1% Half Orc

Notable places
Honeyed Sweets
Chapel of Sune
Berrwolds Brew
Foresters Endowments Branch 13
Lumber Consortium Office
Morning Wood
Temple of Silvanus
The Crafty Carver
The Honey Walls
The Soot and Smithy
Three Mead Tavern
Tools of the Trade
Winmedes Remedies
Eldritch Academia


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