The Stolen lands have long been a safe haven for banditry. Within the Greenbelt a particularly large gang of bandits was gaining power. Led by the Stag Lord these bandits conducted raids on supplies meant for Restov and also threatened the Local trading post, extorting it for goods and coin. The issue had grown to be so substantial that the Swordlords of Restov drafted a charter for adventurers to assist in dealing with the threat.




  • Happs Bydon – Deceased, Happs was a crude and foul-mouthed man who turned to banditry after he was caught running a protection racket in Restov while also, in theory, serving as a soldier and city guard. He fled the city when he learned that the law was coming for him, abandoning a wife and two children to suffer the shame of his crimes. He’s found that banditry agrees with him—he quite enjoys the outdoors, and the occasional tumble with Kressle is nice too. He suspects that she’s working for an even more important bandit, but for now is content being the second-biggest fish in the bandit camp at Thorn Ford. As an officer in the Stag Lord’s army, Happs wears a small silver amulet shaped in the likeness of a stag’s skull—even though Happs has yet to actually meet the Stag Lord in person.
  • Falgrim Sneeg – Deceased, Was once part of Kesten Garess Mercenary group, but he cheated Kesten and his men out of a large sum of gold and fled into the Stolen Lands where he inevitably linked up with the Stag Lord. Kesten had placed a bounty on his head “Dead or ALive” with rewards of fine quality weapons for proof of his demise or capture.

Was killed during the assault on the Stag Lords keep when an arrow ripped through his neck.

  • Fat Norry – _Deceased, Behind only Auchs in size, Fat Norry somehow never seems to lose weight despite the hard lives the bandits live. This rotund bandit is rarely seen without some sort of food clutched in a greasy hand.
  • Jex the Snitch – Deceased, was the least popular with the men but perhaps the Stag Lord’s favorite minion is this aptlynicknamed man. His penchant for reporting the other bandits’ mistakes to the Stag Lord is likely to earn him a shallow grave before much longer.
  • Nugrah the Decrepit – Deceased, In his youth, Nugrah belonged to the Green Faith. Against the tenets of his cabal, he took for himself a wife—a pretty, much younger girl with dark tresses and pale green eyes. Soon after, she became pregnant, and despite his best efforts, she died in childbirth, leaving him with a son. Agonized by his loss, he turned to blackest magic to bring her back. Enacting an ancient and terrible ritual, he sacrificed another girl in an effort to ask the spirits to release his wife’s soul and have her return to him. Appalled by his monstrous acts, his wife’s spirit appeared before him, cursed his name, then departed forever into the afterlife. Soon after, members of his secret druidic order arrived at the scene of his undoing. They tried him on the spot, and upon finding him guilty branded him a heretic. They banished him from the order, sparing his life only that he might care for his infant son. He converted to the worship of Talona, finding strange solace in all the violence and impassive cruelty in nature, and in the years that followed, Nugrah blamed his son for his misfortunes and treated him as an animal. Often he threatened to kill him, and made murderous attempts on more than one occasion, such as by leaving him outside in the winter and beating him bloody. Once, he tortured him near to death by dousing him with acid. This event left the boy permanently scarred, so gruesomely that for years he covered his frightful face with a burlap sack, and to this day he never removes his helmet. Then, one night, the relationship between the two shifted. His son had become a man, one physically and emotionally scarred with terrible, dark desires, and after a near-fatal beating Nugrah realized that he had become the victim in the family. In sour and sickly vengeance his son deals him the same hand the old man once forced him to play. He is abused and beaten frequently, and lives in fear of the son who mercilessly keeps him alive to endure his fate.

Today, Nugrah obeys his son’s commands to guard the treasures kept here, and uses his magic to heal wounds endured by the bandits as well (although the bandits loathe the old man’s moist touch so much that they generally hide their wounds unless they’re particularly painful, preferring to let them heal naturally rather than spend even a few minutes down here with the old man). Nugrah passes the time crafting twisted fetishes and praying to Talona for an end to his wretched existence, but lacks the courage to take his own life.

Was killed during the assault on the Stag Lords keep.

  • Ayles Megesen – Deceased, Ayles was a soft-spoken man whose calm demeanor should not have been taken for passivity—Ayles enjoyed the act of torture the most among the bandits, and often spends hours after a fight “exploring” surviving victims.
  • Cragger Kench – Deceased, A former cutpurse, Cragger was beaten senseless by the Stag Lord for drinking a bottle of his liquor, and his injuries have left him a little dim-witted—although not so dim-witted as Auchs. Was killed by Beaky the Stag Lords Owlbear pet.
  • Dirty Jeb Megesen – Deceased, Ayles’s younger brother, Dirty Jeb likes to think he got his nickname for his penchant for fighting dirty, when in fact the moniker stems from his aversion to hygiene.
  • Topper Red – Deceased, Topper Red was a struggling street poet from the city of Pitax. He fled that city when an affair turned sour, and eventually joined the Stag Lord’s ranks while romanticizing the thrilling life of a lawless brigand. He wont be singing anymore songs as he was killed during the assault on the Stag Lords keep


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