Tag: Swordlord


  • Terick Tiboros

    Terick is an Aldori Swordlord. He is currently the headmaster of the Aldori school of sword fighting. He is married to his wife Annabelle. Together they have 3 adult children, Sasha, Danielle and Anya. Each has been married off to various noblemen. …

  • Brinian Brightwater

    At age 25, Brinian is young for an accomplished member of the Aldori Sword Pact. The second son of a minor noble in Rostland, he was apprenticed at an early age to another swordlord and knows nothing of life beyond swordsmanship, dueling, and the simple …

  • Alberto Costa

    Alberto Costa is the son of a varisian sailor and issian women. He grew up in and around Port Ice. All his life he heard tales of the Aldori Swordlords and as a child he practiced with other local kids with pretend duels. When Alberto came of age he …

  • Rupert Grimwinckle

    Rupert has been around Restov now for some time. He has in fact trained many of the current human swordlords who have recently trained in the last ten years within the Aldori school of sword fighting.

  • Diego Delorenz

    Diego is a Varisian man who traveled to Restov after a brief life on the high seas as a privateer, now some of his friends like to joke that he was a pirate captain but no one of course has ever proved that this is nothing more than a playful jab. …

  • Anderian Blackwood

    Anderian has just recently returned to Restov, he had been travelling throughout Golarion seeking his fortunes. He seems to have showed an interest in politics. He petitioned Tial Lupe into giving him the position of Treasurer.

  • Anthony Sommerset

    upon his completion at the Aldori school of sword fighting in Restov, Anthony began travelling Brevoy assisting townships with trouble, this earned him a nice nest egg which he in turn invested in a small tavern and inn south of New Stetven. Sadly for …

  • Dorian Darkhaven

    Dorian is the eldest son of a disgraced noble family, luckily Dorian had been entered and tuition paid in full before his family was ousted and run out of Restov. Dorian has been trying to crape out a living selling his sword to the highest bidder.

  • Gaeric Moonshadow

    Gaeric Moonshadow is one of a few new breed Aldori swordlords who are also skilled in the arcane arts. This new style of course does not sit well with the traditionalists and many ban the use of magic in duels. Nonetheless it does make them potent …

  • Kirena Masato

    She arrived long ago to Brevoy as a child and grew up within Restov as the only Tian family. Her mother and father started a small tailor and seamstress shop that became quite successful and the tian fashion caught on with some of the noble women.