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  • House Locke

    !(media-item-align-left){width:100px;height:125px;}//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/269394/Locke.png?1386040934(Locke.png)!The Locke family had been vying hard to elevate their family until it fell on hard times with the untimely and mysterious death …

  • Locke Estate

    This estate is the part-time residence of [[:sigusmiund-locke | Sigismund Locke]] the former General of Attin, and brother in law of Thorushk. He has decided not to sell his estate despite being sent to New Stetven by his father.

  • Abigail Locke

    Raised by a father in service to Siamorphe, Abigail is schooled in the ways of Nobility. She like nearly her entire family also has the blood of magic running through her veins. She is a talented sorceress and was a highly coveted noblewomen. It was said …

  • Sigismund Locke

    Studying the art of the Aldori Swordlords, wields a great-sword and wears leather armour. There is something more about him though. He is a member of House Locke, the eldest son of Ferdinand Locke. He recently escorted his sister to Clearwater and has …