Tag: Cleric


  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod has asked the party to seek out a lost temple of Chauntea somewhere to the south. He warns them that a large bear seems to be guarding the site, and that something isn’t quite “right” about the bear. Since the party has successfully cleansed the …

  • Talaedra Amarallis

    Talaedra is younger then her twin sister Shalana by about 10 mins. She is Galendil's cousin. Their moms are sisters. She had to learn at a young age to figure out when Shalana was leading them into trouble. Ever since a young age she has felt a …

  • Vesela Lowell (Moonshadow)

    Vesela is Vespers' younger sister. She decided to move to Clearwater with her husband after her sisters wedding to Tial Lupe. She was greeted with a plesent suprise from her sister upon her arrival (News of the baby).