Massive Treant with a love of Alcohol.


Vinroot appears to be a massive, thick-trunked treant with a full head of vibrant, green leaves despite his age. A green beard also hangs down his face, but his most distinctive featureis the slight wobbling from his constant inebriation


Vinroot is the oldest treant standing in the Narlmarches and perhaps also the most unstable with his “drinking problem.” He possesses much knowledge about the Fellnight fey and their capabilities, but much of it is fragmented due to his alcoholism. The special alcoholic drink he can usually be found with is called Nodrim, a treant concoction of fermented apples mixed with wood shavings and draughts of pure water. Despite this, he is greatly respected by almost all parties of the Conclave.

The characters originally encountered Vinroot when they were searching for the druid Devarre on the behest of the people of Bellis. Vinroot stumbled (literally) onto the group while intoxicated, causing a minor misunderstanding before the characters were able to reason with him


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