Tenzekil Braybrittle

"The Scourge of Bellis"


This angry looking gnome has completely white, pleached skin, hair and eyes


Tenzekil Braybittle was once the reigning beekeper of the sleepy town of Bellis in the Narlmarch forest, having earned many titles of champion in the annual honey-harvesting competition. No one was able to beat Tenzekil and his connection with bees until retired ranger Elyin Ursage moved into Bellis and managed to win the competition by harvesting giant bee honey instead of cultivating his own honeybees. Outraged at the loss and unable to accept defeat, this brought on the horrible condition known as the Bleaching, which affects gnomes who loose their zest for life.

As the Bleaching took hold, the gnome became shunned by the local gnome community. Tenzekil, who was already surly and a loner at the best of times, became far more cynical, sour and dark-hearted. Eventually he sold his beefarm and took his bees with him into the forest, looking for a way to stop the change ravaging his body.

Tenzekil surprised the citizens of Bellis by returning for the wedding of Elyin and his soon to be bride. While there, he attempted to win the affections of a local gnome named Lumi who rebuffed his affections. Outraged, Tenzekil returned a short time later with a swarm of bees and several spriggans who disrupted the wedding ceremony. Although his forces were slain, Tenzekil escaped, but first promised that the “Fellnight Fey” would bring ruin to Bellis and its people.

Tenzekil Braybrittle

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