Joryn Kilroy


Joryn is a man of younger years (22 years old), he stands 6 feet tall and has an athletic but otherwise average build. He has an easy smile, and an aura of calm seems to follow him about. He is garbed as many of his order are, in either red robes or in red tinted full plate of the Red Knight. He openly wears his holy symbol and will gladly share the teachings of the Lord of Strategies with those that wish to hear it.


Joryn grew up with Tyrion in Southern Brevoy. As boys, he being the older of the two, would look out for Tyrion and ensured he was not mistreated by the other kids. As they grew it was apparent that Tyrion was called for some life of battle as he was large and strong and could hold sway with his words. Joryn mostly followed in his footsteps and kept him on the straight and narrow. Joryn’s natural aptitude towards wisdom and insight helped keep the youngsters from most trouble. About the time Tyrion turned 15 he started exhibiting the abilities of an oracle, which freaked everyone out. Joryn saw this as a sign and took Tyrion to the local church. There they discovered he was destined to do the Red Knight’s work and sent the boys to that church.

Joryn stayed a member of the clergy of that same church until recently when he heard word of recent events in the greenbelt. At that moment he took sabbatical and left for the burgeoning kingdom of Clearwater and the general of that nation his friend Tyrion.

Joryn Kilroy

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