Unique Wisp


A unique and slightly different Will O’wisp, originating from a plane of fey and shadow it has taken on a green and almost smoky noir like aura.


The evil will-o’-wisp Gossamere is a unique one of its kind from the Fellnight Realm. Its purpose is not very clear, but it was encountered having possessed the druid Devarre and caused him to murder his own animal companion and attempt to destroy the monoliths the druid was guarding. It was forced out of Devarre by the characters when they detected something amise with the druid’s personality.

A couple of days later, it was rumored that Gossamere possessed a lumberjack near Bellis and caused him to attack his co-workers. Witnesses state seeing a ball of light leave the man’s mouth and wink out of sight.

The whereabouts of this wisp is currently unknown.


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