Douglas Kensington

Head of House Kensington


A bear of a man and fine warrior. He is a solid as his people.


Located north of the Gronzi forest, House Kensington oversees a large amount of grain and crop are produced within their lands. Both the Choral and Icerime rivers empty into the fertile lands making it excellent for growing during the summer seasons. During the winter monthes the industry turns to forestry related as House Kensington sends able bodied workers to assist with House Medvyed within the Gronzi Forest.

Family Motto “The earth provides”

Douglas earned his noble title through deeds in combat. He was a valiant warrior and captain who earned the respect of his men through his strength and determination. He is well respected among most political circles in Brevoy.

Married to Victoria (Orlovsky) Kensington forging a strong bond with the Orlovsky family. Their eldest daughter Kyla Kensington has been married off to Calvin of House Mor, one of the adventurers who tamed the Stolen Lands.

Douglas has two remaining children that are coming to age Colby and Brett Kensington.

Douglas Kensington

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