Diego Delorenz


Varisian man in his early 40s. He has long black hair and a thing beard. His skin is darker and he seems to have a certain charm to him.


Diego is a Varisian man who traveled to Restov after a brief life on the high seas as a privateer, now some of his friends like to joke that he was a pirate captain but no one of course has ever proved that this is nothing more than a playful jab.

Diego is a skilled swordsman, was accomplished before coming to train in the Aldori style. He arrived after selling his ship with a moderate sum of coin and has established himself as an entrepreneur and businessman of sorts. He has many business ventures and interests that extend past his swordsmanship, however he does hold a yearly tournament which he extends private invites.

The prize is rumored to be quite substantial.

Diego Delorenz

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