Brinian Brightwater


Brinian is lithe and wiry— his life of constant training keeps him in top physical shape. His high forehead and aquiline nose give him a genteel air which is regularly disrupted by a roguish grin, and his sandy hair is permanently tousled where it’s not held back in a short queue. Brinian favors the latest fashions, though he pays for none of them himself. His master’s long-suffering chamberlain sees to Brinian’s outfitting, using style and cut to send a clear message that this man is deadly, and his master is not to be trifled with.

An essentially lazy man, Brinian has settled for a comparatively unambitious career—most Aldori swordlords would be doing something much more important than championing an old man. He’s thus become something ofma black sheep to his family and the community of nobles within Brevoy. Brinian’s storied laziness evaporates in the face of anything he considers leisure, no matter the actual effort expended. Consequently, any request to Brinian is more successful if the act in question is presented as being frivolous, extravagant, or outrageous—even if the actual goal carries the risk of death.


At age 25, Brinian is young for an accomplished member of the Aldori Sword Pact. The second son of a minor noble in Rostland, he was apprenticed at an early age to another swordlord and knows nothing of life beyond swordsmanship, dueling, and the simple pleasures of wine, women, and song. Since he rarely meets a swordsman who can match him, Brinian has an arrogant disposition and is likely to slight people without thinking about it.

For the last 7 years, Brinian has made his living as a retainer to an elderly Rostlandic noble who allows him to pursue his martial and romantic interests as long as he’s available as a champion in the event the old man is challenged to a duel. His master has taken to traveling to all the great cities in Avistan, allowing Brinian a chance to sample delights from across the continent.

Brinian Brightwater

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