Eccentric potion making hermit


Although the Greenbelt is far from safe, the seclusion promised is too much to resist for some, such as local eccentric and potion-maker Bokken. His manner is that of a nervous bird or a jittery child, and his speech is swift and clipped as if he’s eager to finish every conversation he starts.


Bokken decided to become a hermit a few years after his brother (whose name, like many other details of his childhood, he can’t quite recall due to senility) left home and their parents passed away. He periodically appears outside of Olegs with a handful of potions for trade but for the most part keeps to himself.

Recently Bokken has agreed to sell his potions to the party if they recover some fang berries for him.

Potions for sale at Bokkens

  • Comprehend Languages – 50 gp
  • Cure Light wounds – 50 gp
  • Endure Elements – 50 gp
  • Protection from (Alignment) – 50 gp
  • Bears Endurance – 300 gp
  • Bulls Strength – 300 gp
  • Cats Grace – 300 gp
  • Cure Moderate Wounds – 300 gp
  • Delay Poison – 300 gp
  • Invisibility – 300 gp
  • Resist Energy (Type) – 300 gp


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