Anthony Sommerset


A large barrel chested man around the age of 30, he stands around 6’5" and looks to weigh nearly 300lbs. His arms resemble what one would expect from a barbarian warrior and not a aldori swordlord. Anthony rarely smiles and has an intimidating look to him.


upon his completion at the Aldori school of sword fighting in Restov, Anthony began travelling Brevoy assisting townships with trouble, this earned him a nice nest egg which he in turn invested in a small tavern and inn south of New Stetven.

Sadly for Anthony, his property was destroyed by bandits just a few monthes ago. He petitioned Loy Rezbin to establish a business in the newly founded Thornvale. Wanting the added protection of a Swordlord in their town Loy accepted. Anthony was given a position as a diplomat on Thornvales council hoping that his reputation as a swordlord may gain some respect from outlying towns and communities.

Anthony owns and operates Thrillseekers now, a gambling den and brothel.

Anthony Sommerset

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