Abigail Locke

Thorushk's Betrothed


Abigail Locke is the beautiful daughter of Ferdinand Locke. She has long black hair that is nearly always styled in the most fashionable of ways. Her curves always accentuated by her clothing showing off her curves in flattering ways. She speaks with a kindness and softness that sets people at ease.


Raised by a father in service to Siamorphe, Abigail is schooled in the ways of Nobility. She like nearly her entire family also has the blood of magic running through her veins. She is a talented sorceress and was a highly coveted noblewomen. It was said that her father had been waiting for the right suitor to emerge before offering what many thought was a coveted bargaining chip.

Married Thorushk Lodoz a young and promising Half-Orc Wizard who has recently claimed some land in the Stolen Lands. It is said that all the single noblemen of Brevoy had their hearts collectively shattered at the wedding announcement.

Abigail Locke

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