This campaign will begin with portions of the Kingmaker campaign and expand as the PC’s progress. It will be a somewhat open world sandbox that will span many years.

Human characters and other short lived races that manage to survive the danger of adventuring may find themselves dying of old age, comfortably in a keep or elsewhere. If they are lucky, perhaps they will have had children and began the lineage of a Noble house.

Demi humans such as elves and dwarves may find themselves living a much longer life as an adventurer, perhaps adventuring with other PC’s sons and daughters as the campaign continues.

Each PC will have the opportunity to create 2-3 Player Characters to start. 1 Main and 2 alternates. Character Creation

The main will follow the rules for creation as detailed in the Kingmaker players guide (For traits) and while alternates may choose to take traits from the Kingmaker Players guide, they will also be able to wait and select from other modules when they are introduced.


Pathfinder - Lineage

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